8:00 pm - Tuesday, April 26

Music: Koto Concert with Yumi Kurosawa

Art Power, UCSD, San Diego


Koto visionary Yumi Kurosawa teams up with renowned tabla player Eric Phinney for a program that brings together two expressive musical traditions, bridging the cultures of Japan and India. Kurosawa has long had a fascination with other cultures and their instrumental histories. With the koto being one of her country’s most ancient and beloved instruments, Kurosawa as both a performer and composer, has been seeking a merging of two traditions that would create a new music. She and Phinney spin mesmerizing musical tales composed by Kurosawa, as they enchant the audience and reinforce the powerful idea of music as a means to enhance the collaborative spirit of our global community.

Admission/Cost: $9 - #$30

ArtPower at UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0029
La Jolla, CA 92093

Tuesday, April 26 - 8:00 PM