3:00 pm - Saturday, April 27

Ukrainian Embroidery Workshop

House of Ukraine, Balboa Park, San Diego

Visual Arts

Explore the rich tradition of Ukrainian embroidery in our immersive masterclass, where heritage meets contemporary fashion. Across centuries, Ukrainians have stitched beautiful designs into their clothes and home goods, passing down a tradition that's loved worldwide. But with big fashion brands and magazines like Vogue using these timeless motifs, it's really important to protect this artisanal craft from being taken over by mass production embroidery machines. In this workshop, you will learn basic cross stitch technique widely used in Ukrainian clothing and home goods. Led by experienced instructor Linda Mudlo, our workshop offers a hands-on exploration of the fundamental cross stitch technique, very popular in Ukrainian textiles. No prior experience required – this workshop is made for complete beginners eager to learn. Under Linda's guidance, participants will embark on a journey to create their own sampler, stitching together traditional patterns and modern flair. Immerse yourself in a supportive, collaborative environment where creativity knows no bounds.

Admission/Cost: $45 - $50

House of Ukraine
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA

Saturday, April 27 - 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM