The San Diego Participant Observer is a publication of The Worldview Project, a 501(c)3 educational non-profit dedicated to promoting greater cross-cultural awareness, understanding and engagement. The Worldview Press was founded in 2001 by anthropologist Thomas Johnston-O'Neill, Ph.D., who serves as the executive director. In 2009 the organization was officially renamed the Worldview Project. Our efforts are t has benefited and continues to benefit from extremely generous and energetic help from a large number of interns and volunteers who hail from diverse walks of life and from many countries. In addition to publishing The San Diego Participant Observer, the Worldview Project also develops and deploys online resources, print publications and events that encourage greater cross-cultural interest and knowledge.

Writers are encouraged to contribute to The Participant Observer and if you are interested in writing articles or reviews please contact us about our present publication needs and guidelines beforehand.

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