12:00 pm - Saturday, January 15

Talk: China in the Netherlands: Global Trade, Exotic Porcelain, and Kitchen Tiles

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On January 15, we will be joined by Dr. Hilda van Neck-Yoder, scholar of Caribbean literature and Professor Emeritus, who taught in the Department of English at Howard University. Dr. Neck-Yoder will present on Chinese export porcelain in the Netherlands, her place of birth (and where she now lives).

A brief description follows:

Exotic luxury objects, especially blue and white porcelain made in Jingdezhen during the Ming Wanli reign were the most desirable items in the Netherlands. They are called “Kraak” porcelain, which influenced 17th century Dutch art and culture profoundly. This talk will focus on a number of well-known Chinese artists who produced imagery on Chinese export porcelain.

Admission/Cost: FREE

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Saturday, January 15 - 12:00 PM