Our International Music of the Month suggestion is Stories of Stonia by Mari Kalun an album of contemporary folk music which draws from Estonian folk song, particularly her native Võru region in southeastern Estonia. In addition to vocals, Kalun performs on kannel (Estonian zither), piano, accordion, and guitar. She is one of the major contributors to the Estonian folk revival and won the vocalist of the year award at the Estonia's Ethno Music Awards in 2013.

About Stories of Stonia:
With a voice that seems to speak to us from the heart of the Estonian forest, Mari Kalkun's music is at once of a place and deeply personal. Rooted in ancient Estonian and Võru traditions, but bea":utifully fresh and contemporary, Stories of Stonia reaches back to very old layers of tradition to imagine what Mari's ancestors would have thought and sung about the world in an era of skyscraper, steel and metal. Throughout the album's nine songs, Mari explores humanity's controversial relationship with nature with powerfully emotive musical backdrops. One of Northern Europe's most important folk singers Mari has created a mysterious and magical album."—Amazon

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