Our International Music selection of the month is Al-Maraya by the Al Andaluz Project. Al-Marayœ (The mirror) is the sonorous title of the new and second Al Andaluz Project album. The litle is to be taken literally. Al-Maraya mirrors the Spanish traditions of the Jewish-sephardic, Arabic and Christian music in contemporary and vivid interpretations and shows the true face of the European folk music in all it's variety and facets.—Amazon

The Al Andaluz Project is a multicultural fusion experiment that combines two European folk and early music bands who share a common interest. L'Ham de Foc are from Valencia in Spain, where they have specialised in reviving the music of the Jews who flourished in Spain under Moorish rule until the end of the 15th century, when they were expelled by Christians. Estampie, from Germany, are medieval revivalists also fascinated by the music of that era. Both are known for their powerful vocalists, and in this project L'Ham de Foc's Mara Aranda and Estampie's Sigi Hausen are joined by a third female singer with a fine, clear style, Iman Kandoussi from Morocco.— The Guardian

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