5:00 pm - Wednesday, April 24

Photo Exhibition: Canvas of Stone

Atkinson Hall, UCSD, San Diego

Visual Arts

“Lienzo de Piedra” / “Canvas of Stone” is a photographic journey through the Pool Tunich cave system of Quintana Roo, Mexico. These images were taken during a month-long expedition through the system, captured in a vibrant palette of light and shadow intended to evoke the qualities and values of the caves’ historical use and cultural significance. Photographs of cave features intermingle with a navigable projection of LIDAR point clouds that recreate the system in 3D. The Maya viewed the cave as an entrance or portal to the Underworld, a real and mythological place that provided the substance for life, ritual and vision. Today, these spaces exist in close proximity to large-scale infrastructure projects. Through a union of art and technology, “Lienzo de Piedra” / “Canvas of Stone” is part of an ongoing effort to document and preserve this part of Mexico’s cultural heritage for posterity.

Admission/Cost: FREE Please Register

Atkinson Hall
San Diego, CA

Wednesday, April 24 - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM