3:00 pm - Saturday, April 13

Pysanka Master Class

International Cottages, Balboa Park, San Diego

Visual Arts

Join us for a Pysanka Master Class with professional pysanka artist Olenka Kleban.

A pysanka is the most loved decorated egg of Ukraine. It comes from the word pysaty, which means ‘to write’. Designs are drawn on the egg shell with hot wax, followed by submerging the egg in dye. A pysanka of many colours is dyed multiple times, with wax designs drawn on the egg between dyeings. Areas of the shell covered in wax resist dye, whereas un-waxed areas absorb dye and turn subsequently darker with longer periods of dyeing. A pysanka is completed by melting off the wax to reveal designs.

Designs written on pysanky are imbued with meaning. Symbols and patterns represent various needs for a successful life. Plants, animals, celestial bodies, weather events, farming implements, and religious symbols come into play.

No previous experience necessary – everyone 12 and older can participate. The artist will give you step-by-step instructions and tips.

Admission/Cost: $75

Hall of Nations
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA

Saturday, April 13 - 3:00 PM