10:00 am - Saturday, September 24

Talk: Maritime Silk Road

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The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum is partnering with the SDSU Chinese Cultural Center to bring monthly remote educational programming to our community via this series of talks and discussions. This series offers unique insights into Chinese history, Chinese culture, American history and lifeways of Chinese Americans, with a particular focus on objects represented in the Museum’s permanent collection.

On September 24, Li-Rong Lilly Cheng will lead the 6th presentation in our China³ series. She will be joined by Bob Stein, as moderator, and Hilda van Neck-Yoder, as discussant.

Through her talk, Lilly will consider traces of the maritime silk road, through the exploration of seacraft remains on the ocean floor at latitudes spanning from the South China Sea to the Norwegian Trench. What stories might these shipwrecks hold, as time capsules of the maritime silk road? How do the remains evidence global commerce, along with the interconnectivity of arts and cultures? What ethical implications come into effect with the contemporary salvage and sale of cargo from seacraft manned by a variety of historical actors, from merchants to pirates to colonists?

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Saturday, September 24 - 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM