9:30 am - Saturday, January 28

Tijuana Day Trip

MacDonalds, 727 E. San Yisidro Blvd, San Ysidro


Time for another fun-filled daycation! First timers & Foodies, come make friends on an unforgettable trip to one of the largest food capitals of the world: Tijuana, Mexico. Bring a person or two! We'll meet at the McDonalds by the border entry for pedestrians and a car rental will wait for us on the other side. Read below for the schedule and required items to bring.

First time? No problem!
We take care of transportation so all you need to do is have fun! Whether you've wanted to go just to see what it's like or because you've heard about the tacos, then this is for you. You might even be surprised to learn it's also a utopia for coffee lovers with a blooming craft beer scene.
Tour like a local.
Our hosts have lived in the city and know their way around TJ's top spots. We'll experience quality venues and avoid touristy cashgrabs.
First, we'll get coffee in a hipster neighborhood. Then, we'll grab a light brunch and some local beers at one of the best gastro parks in town. But save room in your stomach! After that we'll step foot in the center of Downtown TJ where you'll have a chance to get some souvenirs and unique snacks like tejuino and elotes. Finally we'll finish off the day with some of the best tacos in town with a bag of tortillas to bring home! Find out exactly which places we're going here.
We’ll save you time & money by taking away the headache of:
-Planning where to go (don't stress about which spots are the best)
-How to get there (Driving can get messy in Mexico �).
-Not knowing who or having anyone to go with? (Come join us, we are a fun group!).
-Whether you come by yourself, friends, family, or coworkers this is that one event we come as strangers and leave as best friends!
-Come sip on some beer and enjoy the photo ops (time to get your new fresh outfit/ and update your Instagram feed).
Meetup Info
MEETING TIME: 8:20am @ Front of McDonalds
727 E. San Yisidro Blvd, San Yisidro, CA 92173
RETURNING TIME: 11pm at TJ side of the border
Cost of trip will be $65 per person. This will cover transportation costs and tour guide fees. Think about how expensive that last Uber ride was. Please note that a minimum of 10 people are required to attend the trip. If we do not meet the minimum we may cancel at our discretion.
Your funds will need to be paid one week before the trip. Please message him to make sure there are available spots still on the bus.
- Valid Photo I.D. / Passport
- Small bills (recommend to bring $100 minimum)
- power bank phone charger
- bottled water
Rule #1 No buying round of drinks or shots for the whole group unless YOU ARE willing to PAY for it. And if you do, please pay it separately.
Rule #2 We are a very large group and will not be able to get individual checks and most likely will get one big check at end. Best and fastest way is to split the cost of food evenly across everyone and everyone pay for their drinks.
Rule #3 Once again we are a very large group and “tipping” standard is 20%
Rule #4 To save time bring small bills & if you are going to exchange money please be on time this way we can spend more time having fun rather than waiting.
Rule #5 If you are going some where away from the group let somebody know. (i.e. bathroom, photo ops, Taco Stand across the street Etc. ).
LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: The sole function of the organizers in this group is to arrange the suggested activities and time of the event. Each person (including guest members) who signs up "yes" for an event is responsible for his or her own safety and expenses. By signing up for an event organized by this group, you and your guest(s) are acknowledging that you are all aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any event and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge this Meetup group & its organizers from and against any and all liability arising from you and your guest(s) participation in any of the group events. Each member of this group is responsible for ensuring that any and all guests they bring to an event have read this Liability Disclaimer and acknowledge it also.

Admission/Cost: $65 (message Quito at 619-947-2300 for payment options)

Front of McDonalds
727 E. San Yisidro Blvd
San Yisidro, CA 92173

Dates and times:
The 4th Saturday of every month - 9:30 AM