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Monday, May 10
1:00 PM Talk Understanding the Context for Asian Americans in Higher Education
Wednesday, May 12
4:00 PM Book Talk: Things We Lost to the Water
8:00 PM Baja Laughs Comedy Night
Thursday, May 13
4:00 PM Talk: the Fall and Rise of U.S.-China Policy Uncertainty
6:30 PM Talk: India in South Asia: Fraught Regional Relationships
Friday, May 14
12:00 PM iCafé – Your Passport to Culture!
12:00 PM San Diego International Shorts Fest
8:00 PM Film: Moulin Rouge!
8:00 PM Film: Judas and the Black Messiah
Saturday, May 15
10:00 AM Talk: Archaeological Findings in San Diego Chinatown
10:30 AM Music: Sonia De Los Santos
12:00 PM San Diego International Shorts Fest
4:00 PM Italy's South and North: Exploring History, Gaps and Misconceptions
8:00 PM Film: Judas and the Black Messiah
Sunday, May 16
12:00 PM Tinaguis de la Raza Crafters Market
12:00 PM San Diego International Shorts Fest
4:00 PM Haydn Voyages: Music at the Maritime, Paths Converge
8:00 PM Film: Judas and the Black Messiah
Tuesday, May 18
11:00 AM Talk: Vaccine Diplomacy
3:00 PM Talk: Race & Indigeneity in Oceania
4:30 PM Japan Zoominar: Through a Transnational Lens: Japan and the World
Wednesday, May 19
11:00 AM Talk: Memory & Refuge(eness): on Southeast Asian Identities & War
3:30 PM Showing up for our AAPI Community: the Bystander Challenge
Thursday, May 20
6:00 PM Italian Film: Shooting the Mafia
Friday, May 21
12:00 PM iCafé – Your Passport to Culture!
Saturday, May 22
6:00 PM Talk: Gregorio Luke on Rufino Tamayo
7:00 PM Exhibition: Gerardo Meza's Imaginarium
Sunday, May 23
2:00 PM Music: The Romeros Quartet

< Thursday, April 22, 2021 >

12:30 PM 3 Italian Films The theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earth. Our three movies are about the always unstable balance between nature, science, and humanity, with the exploitation of our natural resources in the background. Together we can work to restore our earth.

Il pianeta in mare (A Planet in the Sea) by Andrea Segre (93')
Entering the industrial world of Marghera, the mechanical heart of the Venice Lagoon which has not stopped beating for a hundred years: it’s a world hanging in the balance between an awkward past and an uncertain future, where the workforce is made up of over sixty different nationalities. Wandering into and marveling at places hardly ever explored before, like the steel bellies of great ships under construction, the shadows of the abandoned bastions of the Petrolchimico facility, the blast furnaces and smokestacks of the refineries, the new computerized world of Vega or the hundreds of containers that intercontinental shipping lines unload round the clock on the edges of the motionless lagoon. Through the lives of workers, manager, truck drivers and the cook of the last trattoria left in Marghera, the images help us to understand what remains of Italy’s great dream of industrial progress now that the country is immersed, after the crises and wounds of the recent past, in global flows of finance and migration.

Ferruccio, storia di un robottino by Stefano De Felici (7')
Duccio is an inventor by vocation, and in his home-workshop takes on an exceptional challenge. Thanks to his determination and a bit of magic, a short-circuit will create Ferruccio, a robot created by assembling devices that have been recycled.

Olmo by Silvio Soldini (10')
80-year-old Olmo looks out of a window of a building in the suburban area of a city. His 8-year-old grandson, Giulio, is reading him an article from the newspaper about melting glaciers, the greenhouse fifer, and CO2... “What is C-O-2?” asks the child. “Do you remember the Carbon dioxide we studied?” replies Grandpa. “The one the trees breathe?” says Giulio. the next day, instead of going to school, they leave for a short tour looking for an old tree.

On Sunday, April 25th, which is also Italian Liberation Day, we will host a live Q/A at 11:00 AM with special guests from the three movies.

Admission/Cos: $16 - $20

Online Streaming Event

Dates and times:
Ongoing from Thursday, April 22 to Saturday, April 24
6:30 PM 2021 Women PeaceMakers Event The Kroc School's signature Women PeaceMakers (WPM) event returns on April 22, 2021 - and this time, we're going virtual! Tune in from your corner of the world to learn from and with this year's four extraordinary women leaders about the powerful role women play in negotiating peace.

Each year, the WPMs are selected from a competitive set of applicants based on their accomplishments and expertise related to a given research focus. for 2020-2021, the WPMs are focused on a critical topic: how international peacebuilding organizations can better partner with local women peacebuilders to address the closing spaces and increased insecurity women are currently facing when working to end cycles of violence.

During this Kroc School signature event, you'll hear more about these efforts, plus:

  • Real stories about what it's like being a woman peacebuilder in the Covid era
  • Insights about the challenges and opportunities of being on the front lines and in the back rooms of shaping more peaceful societies
  • Ideas for how we can bring more equity, justice, and compassion to our communities.

This interactive event will include a mixture of engaging discussion featuring the WPMs, videos that give a closer look at the WPMs in action, and a Q&A with our changemaking audience.

Admission/Cost: FREE

Online Streaming Event

Thursday, April 22 - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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