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Spring Forward with the San Diego Latino Film Festival.
By Misaki Suzuki, Orville Fitz-Henley and Tom Johnston-O'Neill

The month of March brings mad hares, equinoxes, famous ides, St. Patrick's Day and cherry blossoms. San Diego gets to add one more to the list: The 16th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival!

The month of March brings mad hares, equinoxes, famous ides, St. Patrick

The term

Ethan van Thillo
At the kick-off party, the Executive Director and Founder of the SDLFF, Ethan van Thillo, quipped that the festival was obviously recession-proof because this year the festival has more films than ever! This year

Misaki, Tom & Orville
Although there are some larger budgeted films at the SDLFF, we got a chance to sit down and talk to a few of the producers, directors and actors of movies that fit more into the
GB 2525
GB 2525

The producer and many of the actors of the futuristic sci-fi movie
Still from El Pajaro Azul

On opposite end of the arc of possible movie themes is Rodrigo Reyes
El Banco
The director and Un Dia en el Banco cast members.

Many of the films in the festival are comedies. They range from darker comedies like Un Dia en el Banco (A Day at the Bank) --A bank robbery comic drama -- to lighter romantic comedies such as

Un Dia en el Banco Poster
Un Dia en el Banco Poster
Un Dia en el Banco (A Day at the Bank) is a story about a lonely 66 year old woman who decides to rob a bank just to combat her boredom. Holding the entire bank and its customers hostage for the better part of a day, the ordeal allows the hostages to reflect and reexamine their lives, who they are and what they want from life. The screenplay was written in Spanish by Eduardo Schillnksy from Mexico City. For director Al Bravo, who left Mexico for the US when he was only 8, this is his directorial debut, having more experience as an actor on the other side of the lens. This is also Bravo

The San Diego Latino Film Festival embraces a wide variety of film genres; dramas, comedies, dramedies, shots, animations, documentaries and more. From big budget films featuring well-known actors to more humble first time efforts. What links all the filmmakers and actors together is not only a shared Latino heritage, but a burning desire to make seriously good films that take chances and push the possibilities across not only cultural and ethnic borders, but also artistic boundaries. If you are looking for cinematic experiences that will not only make you laugh and cry but will also challenge the very ways in which you look at life, The San Diego Latino Film Festival is the place to be.

Tickets and passes for the festival can be bought online at where you can also find more information and the schedule of films.

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