THE SAN DIEGO PARTICIPANT OBSERVER Participant Observation is the Process of Learning by Observing and Participating in Cultural Life
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African Encounters

african encounters

The aim of African Encounters is to present the world-class fine art being produced by contemporary African artists to the world. Through contemporary African paintings, this gallery provides their clients with a legitimate experience of contemporary African culture, without the jet lag.

Traditional art forms of Africa are universally known and have captured western imagination as a legitimate form of African expression.

As a culture evolves, it is shaped by history, social circumstance and interactions with other cultures. With this evolution, new modes of artistic expression emerge, rooted in the rich cultural heritage of tradition, but keenly conscious of all that has shaped present day identities and contemporary experience.

The gallery's artists and works are a product of this evolving culture and through these works, their clients enjoy a refreshingly unique perspective of life. In turn, the gallery offers their artists a larger audience to whom they can express their feelings, thoughts and social commentary, as well as the means to continue their artistic expression.

7943 Prairie Shadow Rd,
San Diego, CA 92126

More information, please visit: or call: (858) 866-9131
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