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Monday, Mar 8
All Day Dance Film: Dadu (Opening)
6:30 PM International Day of Women Panel
Wednesday, Mar 10
1:00 PM Book Talk: Journeys in Baja California
Thursday, Mar 11
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
11:00 AM One Book, One San Diego for Kids Author Event With Cynthia Grady
Friday, Mar 12
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
Saturday, Mar 13
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
Sunday, Mar 14
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
2:00 PM  CWM: Iranian Classical Music in a Historical and Contemporary Context
5:00 PM Film: The Last Stage
Monday, Mar 15
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
Tuesday, Mar 16
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
6:30 PM Talk: Trade and Tourism in the Philippines
Wednesday, Mar 17
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
Thursday, Mar 18
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
1:00 PM Talk: Race and Global China: Sino-Black Relations
6:00 PM  Italian Film: Martin Eden
6:30 PM Talk: Polynesian Contact with the Americas
Friday, Mar 19
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
8:00 PM Virtual Nowruz Celebration
Saturday, Mar 20
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
10:00 AM Talk: From Foundations to Frontiers
10:30 AM Cooking: A Tale of Two Caesars
10:30 AM Virtual Nowruz Celebration
Sunday, Mar 21
All Day  2021 San Diego Latino Film Festival
12:00 PM Martin Eden Film Discussion
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Future Relax: Spotlight on Tecate!

Photo: John Gibbons
The US/Mexico border is still closed for tourists, but we're thinking ahead to better times (whenever they will come). Usually the Worldview Project team travels to Tecate every year, but because of the pandemic, we have been unable to visit this enchanting town just across the border. We are itchin' to get back. In the meantime we'd like to give you the lowdown on Tecate, its history and its cultural and gastronomical, delights, so when the border re-opens, you too can hop on the 94 going south and spend a lovely relaxing day in this "Pueblo Magico"

by Ian Lutz
Photos by Megumi Choi unless otherwise noted

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