8:00 pm - Thursday, April 18

Comedy: Gabriel Iglesias

Pechanga Arena, 3500 Sports Arena Boulevard, San Diego


Gabriel Iglesias, the comedian audiences know and love as "Fluffy," wasn't always on sold-out stages. Born in San Diego in 1976 to a Mexican-American family, he was the youngest of six children raised by a single mother. Despite financial security from a cell phone company job, Iglesias' passion for comedy led him to pursue stand-up full-time, a decision that initially meant losing his car and apartment. His perseverance paid off though. By the early 2000s, he was landing gigs on shows like "All That" and Comedy Central Presents. Iglesias' relatable humor that combines storytelling, funny voices, and observations about his weight and life experiences has resonated with audiences of all ages, making him a global success.

Admission/Cost: $76 - $1,428

Pechanga Arena
3500 Sports Arena Boulevard
San Diego, CA

Thursday, April 18 - 8:00 PM