10:00 am - Saturday, April 13

Art, Culture, and Indigenous Resistance Workshop

The FRONT Arte Cultura, 147 W San Ysidro Boulevard, San Ysidro

Social Justice and Human Rights

Come join us for this next workshop: Kumiai/Kumeyaay Kahnop: Art, Culture, and Indigenous Resistance. The facilitators are Juan Reynoso, who is a Two Spirit, Ipai Kumeyaay Storyteller from the San Pasqual Band of Kumeyaay Indians, and Yinna Muñoz, who is a Kumiai artisan, cultural worker, and architect from La Huerta. 

Participants will learn: Kumiai/Kumeyaay people are still here. Kumiai/Kumeyaay people are not monolithic. The direct impacts of colonization on Kumiai/Kumeyaay people.

Admission/Cost: FREE

The FRONT Arte Cultura
147 W San Ysidro Boulevard
San Ysidro, CA

Saturday, April 13 - 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM