2:00 pm - Sunday, July 17

House of Colombia Lawn Program

International Cottages, Balboa Park, San Diego

Festivals, Fairs and Celebrations

The yearly lawn program is held in July every year. The entertainment comes from a hired professional dance and ballet group, who are dancing the colorful beautiful folklore dances of Colombia, in their native costumes. A group of musicians playing instrumental music and vocal entertainment provide songs in the Colombian tradition. Some of them are talents of the House of Colombia.

Foods served are: Colombian Tamales, arepas (plum cake), plantanos (fried bananas) empanadas (meat filled turnovers) fried pudding, natilla, a desert and salpicon (fruit)

Admission/Cost: FREE

International Cottages
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA

Sunday, July 17 - 2:00 PM