8:00 pm - Saturday, August 27

Little Italy Film Series

Amici Park, 1660 Union St , San Diego


This year’s festival comes with some surprises. We are shaking things up a bit and playing around with language. For the first time we are showing an English language movie made by an Italian Director, a famous Spaghetti Western with the original Italian dialogue, and another movie that tells its story visually by what is presented. Of course there is the usual mix of comedy, romance, adventure, drama, fantasy, action, crime, music, mystery, history, thriller in Italian with English subtitles during this 10 movie season. All as only the Italians can present.

Schedule of Films:
July 2
Ammore e Malavita (Love and Bullets)
Ammore e Malavita has a great time playing with Cammora stereotypes. Is it business or love?

July 9
Smetto Quando Voglio: Masterclass(I Can Quit Whenever I Want: Masterclass)
The most highly cultured team of researchers, now a gang of inept criminals, try to redeem themselves in the second of a trilogy. The first was screened last season.

July 16
Nuovomondo (The Golden Door)
The story of immigrants’ struggles to enter America through Ellis Island at the turn of the twentieth century that touches your heart.

July 23
Ginger e Fred (Ginger and Fred)
Two dance partners re-unite on a new medium, TV, and create a a magical re-imagining of 1930s Hollywood. One of Fellini’s more accessible and warmer films.

July 30
Non Ci Resta Che il Crimine (All You Need Is Crime)
In the present day, three friends to make ends meet invent a “criminal tour” and are catapulted into the 1980’s and try to use the time-warp to their advantage.

August 6
Oci Ciornie (Dark Eyes)
A wonderfully romantic story of an encounter, a romantic interlude, an abandonment, and a lingering air of melancholy, with a sublime Marcello Mastroianni.

August 13
Le Bal
A disparate series of characters mark the passage of time with song, dance, changing fashion and décor inside a Paris dance hall.

August 20
The Leisure Seeker
In English, Italian Director
A couple go on an unforgettable journey in their faithful old RV, “The Leisure Seeker”. A humorous and moving look at growing old together.

August 27
Per Un Pugno di Dollari (A Fistful of Dollars)
In Original Italian, English Subtitles
Sergio Leone defines a new era for the Western with his first spaghetti western masterpiece and ushers in its most iconic star, Clint Eastwood.

September 3
Noi e la Giulia (The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles)
Sergio, Fausto, Diego, and Claudio have to struggle against the Camorra as they try to open an agritourismo. The vicissitudes of doing business in Southern Italy told in a light and funny way.

Admission/Cost: $10 at "the door"

Amici Park
1660 Union St
San Diego, CA 92101

Dates and times:
From July, 2 to September 3, 2022
Every Saturday - 8:00 PM