4:00 pm - Wednesday, December 15

Livestream Book Talk: Melodie Winawer

Books & Literature

Warwick's will host Melodie Winawer as she discusses her new book, Anticipation, in conversation with Fiona Davis.

Book Synopsis:
After the death of her beloved husband and becoming a single parent to her nine-year-old son Alexander, overworked scientist Helen desperately needs an escape. So when Alexander proposes a trip to Greece--somewhere he's always dreamed of visiting - Helen quickly agrees.

After spending several days exploring the tourist-filled streets, they stumble upon the ancient city of Mystras and are instantly drawn to it. Its only resident is Elias, a mysterious tour guide living on the city's edges... both physically and temporally.

In 1237, Elias's mother promised his eternal service to the Profitis Ilias in Mystras in exchange for surviving a terrible illness. But during his 800 years of labor, he's had one common enemy: the noble Lusignan family. The Lusignan line is cursed by a deadly disease that worsens with each generation, and a prophecy hints that Elias's blood is their only hope for a cure. He has managed to survive throughout the centuries, but the line has dwindled down to the last Lusignan and he is desperate to avert his family's destiny.

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Wednesday, December 15 - 4:00 PM