All Day - Friday, October 1

Italian Film: 2021 Ristretto Shorts


Essence, by Baptiste Chabot
France, 2020, 25'
Denis has spent his life traveling by Vespa with his friends and the love of his life. When his wife dies, a bond breaks with his grandson Raphaël. Denis is now suffering from an incurable disease, he will reconnect with Raphaël around a final repair for a final trip.

500 Calories, by Cristina Spina
Italy, 2020, 17'
A human being needs at least 1200 calories a day to live. a woman in the middle of an existential crisis confronts her ballet teacher who had forced her, at the age of 13, to restrict her diet to 500 calories a day.

Il muro bianco (The White Wall), by Andrea Brusa and Marco Scotuzzi
Italy, 2019, 15'
A principal and teacher conspire to protect their students from an invisible predator lurking inside their school. Based on a true story.

Solitaire, by Edoardo Natoli
Italy, 2020, 28'
Renaud is 85 years old and lives in Paris with his trusty wheelchair-caregiver. He is a loner, creature of habit, peacefully blocked for years on the top floor of a Montmartre building. but what if a new woman, moving into the apartment across the street, suddenly messes up his routine? What if both start feeling an uncontrollable desire to no longer live in solitude?

Inverno (Timo's Winter), by Giulio Mastromauro
Italy, 2020, 16'
Timo, the youngest of a Greek community of Funfair workers, will have to face the hardest winter together with his loved ones.

Cookies From Grandpa, by Frank Vella
Italy, 2021, 10'
A young man struggles to recreate a cookie recipe from his late Grandfather.

Gli atomici fotonici, by Davide Morando
Italy, 2020, 14'
Riccardo is a young man unable to enjoy the unexpected of life. the evening when he should open his heart with Laura, the woman he is secretly in love with, Riccardo will be driven by his father to a mysterious place: a talent show.

Colpa del mare, by Igor Di Giampaolo and Giuseppe d'Angella
Italy, 2020, 20'
Colpa del mare originates from a local news event: one morning in July 2017, in Pescara, dozens and dozens of drug packs appeared on the shore, spit out from the sea during the night. Within a few weeks, the competent authorities tried to clarify, there were investigations and arrests, several boys were involved.

La Vita de'na Vota Memorie di un Abruzzo montano, by Julian Civiero
Italy, 2019, 30'
A film directed by Julian Civiero, an Anglo-Italian filmmaker living between London and the interior of Abruzzo. Filmed in Fagnano Alto over the course of a year and a half, this documentary tells in a poetic and original style the great and little stories of a community, through the celebrations held for their patron saints.

Una Coppia (A Couple), by Davide Petrosino
Italy, 2020, 22'
Diego and Anna dated for two years. After they broke up, they moved to different cities. Now they meet again in Rome for a concert and they decide to spend the day together while waiting for the concert to get started. During those hours, they have the chance to come to terms with all the old scores that inevitably come after a break up.

Paolo e Francesca (Paolo and Francesca), by Federico Caponera
Italy, 2020, 20'
A couple, a fairy tale, a tumour, a waiting. This story asks us not to bet on the death that must come, but on the life that remains to be lived.

Una nuova prospettiva, by Emanuela
Italy, 2020, 18'
During a game amongst friends, a boy lost himself in the wood becoming witness of different events in a borderland and opening a painful glimpse in History. Where are we? and most of all when?

27 marzo 2020, by Alessandro Haber
Italy, 2020, 12'
27th March 2020: a man seeks a remedy for the gloomy and unnerving loneliness of the lockdown.

I titoli che vorrei, by Sarah Signorino
Italy, 2020, 13'
A film graduate finally manages to get a meeting with a former director, thanks to the friendship that tied the man to her grandfather, who recently passed away. the student decides to record the meeting, intending to find out why the film was never made.

My Father’s Naples, by Alessia Bottone
Italy, 2020, 20'
Giuseppe looked out at the horizon as if there was something there that he longed for, as if there was something there that would set him free. As a young girl, his daughter, Alessia (director), had seen him gazing out of the window day after day, always wondering what was there, what held his attention so firmly.

‍Verdiana, by Elena Beatrice and Daniele Lince
Italy, 2020, 10'
After a big fight, a couple wakes up with an unbelievable problem: he can't speak and she can't hear anything. Doctors and exams are useless. a female Zen Master and a very special plant come to their aid

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