6:00 pm - Thursday, July 22

Italian Film: La Paranza dei Bambini (Piranhas)


Based on the novel by Roberto Saviano (author also of the best-seller Gomorrah), La paranza dei bambini follows fifteen-year-old Nicola, who lives with his mother and younger brother in the Sanità neighborhood of Naples, a place that has been controlled by the Camorra mafia for decades. Dreaming of a life lush with designer clothing, Nicola and his group of friends begin selling drugs, an entryway into the violent, ferocious, and unforgiving world of crime that begins to threaten their innocence and relationships and the safety of their families. This world is inconsequential, its rewards are small, its loyalties tentative; the moment you are no longer needed, you might as well be a feral dog hunting for scraps. Nicola and his gang are like tiny fish, working as an efficient team, parasitically consuming the flesh of their victims by swarming over them. They have the life expectancy of criminal dayflies.

There will be a follow-up discussion of the film on Sunday, July 25 at 11:00 AM (use links below)

Admission/Cost: $7 - $16

Online Screening
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Thursday, July 22 - 6:00 PM