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Sunday, Apr 22
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
10:00 AM Art: Earth Day Larger than Life Mural
12:00 PM 28th Annual Multicultural Earth Day
12:00 PM Filipino Wedding Styled Shoot
12:00 PM Tequila and Taco Music Festival
1:00 PM SDAFF Spring Showcase
2:00 PM German Cabaret
2:00 PM Stage: D'Artanjan and Three Musketeers
2:00 PM Stage: Anna In The Tropics
5:30 PM Russian Film: Charlie Chaplin
7:00 PM Stage: Arefnameh
7:00 PM Music: Shantala & Mikey Pauker
8:00 PM Music: La Santa Cecillia
Monday, Apr 23
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
12:00 PM Film: Chicano Legacy
3:30 PM Film: Coco
5:30 PM Discussion: Holocaust Remembrance
5:40 PM SDAFF Spring Showcase
6:30 PM Greek Dinner with Author Madeline Miller
7:00 PM Book Signing: Lawn Boy
8:00 PM Music: Bebel Gilberto
Tuesday, Apr 24
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
6:00 PM Film: Eugene Onegin
6:15 PM SDAFF Spring Showcase
Wednesday, Apr 25
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
5:25 PM SDAFF Spring Showcase
6:00 PM Film: Phantom Thread
6:30 PM Book Signing: The Ghazal
Thursday, Apr 26
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
10:30 AM Lecture: Prophet Jeremiah Symphony
12:45 PM Discussion on Prejudice & Tolerance
6:00 PM Honoring the Medicine: Native American Healing
7:00 PM SDAFF Spring Showcase
8:00 PM Music: Mamak Khadem
Friday, Apr 27
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
11:00 AM Art Exhibit: Chilenas in the Diaspora
4:00 PM Dinner and Movie: Coco
6:00 PM Discussion: Middle East Meltdown with Ryan Crocker
7:30 PM Bollywood Spring Fusion
7:30 PM Stage: Anna In The Tropics
8:00 PM Tao: Drum Heart
Saturday, Apr 28
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
1:00 AM Chinese Brush Painting for Children
8:00 AM Shaka Festival
10:00 AM 33rd Annual Linda Vista Multicultural Fair & Parade
10:00 AM World Tai Chi Day Celebration
10:00 AM St. Jordi's Day Celebration & Independent Bookstore Day
11:00 AM ArtWalk
11:00 AM International Mobile Film Festival
11:30 AM Polynesian Princess Lunch
12:00 PM Hanamatsuri Festival
5:00 PM Dance: Tres Culturas
5:00 PM POI Spring Luau
6:00 PM Passport to Brazil
6:30 PM Music: Camarada Spirit, Struggle, Triumph
6:30 PM Morrocan Magic
7:30 PM Stage: Anna In The Tropics
Sunday, Apr 29
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
11:00 AM Mission Federal ArtWalk
11:30 AM International Mobile Film Festival
12:00 PM Hanamatsuri Festival
2:00 PM House of Finland Lawn Program
2:00 PM Book Signing: China's Crisis of Success
2:00 PM Stage: Anna In The Tropics
Monday, Apr 30
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
3:00 PM Discussion: A talk with the Colombian Peacebuilding Unit
Tuesday, May 1
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
Wednesday, May 2
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
Thursday, May 3
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
10:30 AM Lecture: Prophet Jeremiah Symphony
Friday, May 4
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
Saturday, May 5
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
6:00 PM Talk with Dolores Huerta
7:30 PM Music: Melodic Rythms with Kourish Taghavi

< Friday, April 20, 2018 >

All Day Ongoing and Extended Events


Baskerville, A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
Until April 22, 2018

A Little Night Music
Until April 22, 2018

King Charles III
Until April 22, 2018

Soul Doctor
Until April 22, 2018

American Mariachi
Until April 29, 2018

The Wanderers
Until May 6, 2018

Exhibitions and Art

Wabi Sabi
Until April 29, 2018

Israel: 70 Years of Craft and Design
Until September 3, 2018

Arts of Iran
Until January 31, 2019

Art of East Asia
Until December 31, 2019

Art Of The 20th Century
Ongoing until December 31, 2019

German Expressionism
Ongoing until December 31, 2019

Barrio Art Crawl
Ongoing, every 2nd Saturday of each month

Free Admission to Mingei International Museum
Ongoing, 3rd Tuesday of each month

Free Admission to Japanese Friendship Garden
Ongoing, 3rd Tuesday of each month


Kids Meet Mandarin
Ongoing Fridays

Chinese Storytime
Ongoing Mondays

Spanish Storytime
Ongoing Mondays

Bilingual Storytime
Ongoing Fridays

Classes and Workshops

African Djembe Drumming
Ongoing Wednesday

Irish Gaelic Conversation Circle
Ongoing Tuesdays

Tai Chi Workshop
Ongoing Saturdays

Ongoing Sundays

African Dance Class
Ongoing Sundays

Dancing With The Brush: Chinese Brush Painting And Calligraphy
Ongoing Tuesdays

Middle-Eastern Drum and Belly Dance Class
Ongoing Mondays

Salsa Class
Ongoing Tuesdays

Urban Art & More
Ongoing Tuesdays

Mandarin Meetup
Ongoing Wednesdays

Cultural Tours and Excursions

San Diego Jewish BookFest
Until May 3, 2018

Tequila, Tacos, & Tombstones: Old Town Tour
ongoing Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Tijuana Street Food Tour
ongoing Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays

Puerto Nuevo Lobster Dinner
ongoing Saturdays

Tijuana Seafood Tour
ongoing Fridays and Sundays

San Diego Chinese Historical Museum & Garden Tour
Ongoing, every 1st Saturday of each month

Little Italy Culinary Tour
Ongoing Saturdays

Asian Pacific Historical District Walking Tour
Ongoing, every 2nd Saturday of each month.

Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling in Tijuana
Ongoing, Select Fridays

Tijuana Street Art Trek with Panca
Ongoing, Select Saturdays

Tijuana Brewery Tour
Ongoing, Select Saturdays

Tijuana Market Hop
Ongoing, Select Sundays

Tijuana Foodie Adventure
Ongoing Saturdays,Tuesdays,Sundays

Caesar's Restaurant & Downtown Tijuana Tour
Ongoing Fridays and Sundays

Ensenada Mexico Pacific Ocean Coastal Tour

Baja Mexico Grand Tour

Tijuana Foodie Adventures


Flamenco Performance
Until December 29, 2018

Tea with The Bard
Ongoing, first Sunday of each month

Kirtan Musical Meditation
Ongoing, Thursdays

Dances of Universal Peace
Ongoing Saturdays

3:00 PM Book Discussion: A Telescopic History of the Sri Lankan War Writer Samanth Subramanian is a correspondent for "The National" and the author of two books of reportage, Following Fish: Travels Around the Indian Coast and The Divided Island: Stories from the Sri Lankan War. His writing has appeared in the New Yorker, The New York Times, WIRED, Granta, the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, 1843- Intelligent Life, Aeon, Mint, Travel + Leisure, Caravan, among other publications. His longer reported articles occupy the confluence of politics, culture and history, examining the impact of these forces upon life and society; his shorter pieces include op-eds, cultural criticism, and book reviews.

Admission/Cost: FREE

Geisel Library, Seuss Room
9500 Gilman Dr
La Jolla, CA 92093

Friday, April 20 - 3:00 PM

For more information, please call: (858) 822-6760 or visit:
5:30 PM Lecture: War and Peace in Ukraine Public lecture, followed by a discussion about the current situation in Ukraine, with a specific focus on the ongoing war: its precursors, consequences and prospects for the future. Two distinguished scholars, Paul D'Anieri and Mikhail Alexseev, will be presenting their research. The discussion will be moderated by Svitlana Krasynska.

Admission/Cost: FREE

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace
Justice Building Conference Room 248 and 249
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Friday, April 20 - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

For more information, please call: (619) 269-1552 or visit:
6:00 PM Pachuca & Chola Art Exhibition At the "Pachuca & Chola" photo and art exhibition you will step into the past full of rich history and the beautiful brown women of Southern California and how they resisted assimilation in defiance of a country that hated them. The original Chicana—strong, defiant, beautiful—four generations of brown women from the 1940s to the 1990s

Whisper the star of the cult classic film Mi Vida Loca will be at Mesheeka during the event for a meet 'n' greet. Make sure you bring your Mi Vida Loca memorabilia so Whisper can tag it up.

Admission/Cost: $5.00

2113 Logan Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

Friday, April 20 - 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM

For more information, please e-mail: [email protected] or visit:
6:00 PM SDAFF Spring Showcase Welcome to the 8th Annual Spring Showcase, a presentation of 15 films from nine countries, from Asia and beyond. The Spring Showcase is one of many year-round programs of the non-profit media arts organization, Pacific Arts Movement (Pac Arts), including the popular San Diego Asian Film Festival.

We believe film has the power to enlighten, bridge communities and change lives. If you love world cinema and rich, independent storytelling, join the movement by becoming a member of Pac Arts. Go to

For more information on films and their viewing times, view our schedule of events.

*Please note: The ULAM: MAIN DISH Film & Feast event on April 23, will be taking place at the San Diego Natural History Museum's Kaplan Theater.

Admission/Cost: $9 - $110


Film Festival:
UltraStar Mission Valley
7510 Hazard Center Dr
San Diego, CA 92108

ULAM: MAIN DISH Film & Feast (Monday, April 23):
*San Diego Natural History Museum
Kaplan Theater
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA

Multiple dates from April 19 - April 26, 2018
Thursday, April 19 - 7:00 PM
Friday, April 20 - 6:00 PM
Saturday, April 21 - 1:00 PM
Sunday, April 22 - 1:00 PM
*Monday, April 23 - 5:40 PM
Tuesday, April 24 - 6:15 PM
Wednesday, April 25 - 5:25 PM
Thursday, April 26 - 7:00 PM
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Music: Mario Marauak Mario Marauak—a singer, songwriter and guitarist—was born in Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil.

While listening to his music you will hear the influences of classic Brazilian Bossa Nova, Samba and Contemporary (MPB) along with a combination of reggae, dancehall and hip hop. His greatest strength is a rare musical fusion of Brazilian classics with America's African-influenced beats (jazz, soul, funk).

He comes to Cafe Bar Europa to sing soft Brazilian Bossa Nova! Don't miss out—it will be a unique experience!

No cover.

Come early and enjoy the excellent cuisine. Ordering online is 20% off regular prices. We add service charges so no tipping is needed.

Admission/Cost: FREE

Cafe Bar Europa The Turquoise
873 Turquoise Street
San Diego, CA 92109

Friday, April 20 - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
For more information, please visit:
7:00 PM Music: Shin-Ichi Fukuda The San Diego Guitar Festival (SDGF) and Japanese Friendship Garden present Japanese classical guitarist Shin-Ichi Fukuda in a concert at the Inamori Pavilion for the opening night of SDGF's third-anniversary season. In his first-time performance in San Diego, Fukuda has chosen to prepare a concert featuring original music dedicated to him by Japanese composers, as well as some fan-favorites, including his own guitar transcription of a Bach Cello Suite and songs by the Beatles arranged for solo guitar by Japanese composer, Toru Takemitsu

Admission/Cost: $35-$60

Japanese Friendship Garden
2215 Pan American Road
San Diego, CA 92101

Friday, April 20 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

For more information, please e-mail: [email protected] or visit:
7:00 PM Music: Lionel Loueke Praised by his mentor Herbie Hancock as "a musical painter," Loueke combines harmonic complexity, soaring melody, a deep knowledge of African folk forms, and conventional and extended guitar techniques to create a warm and evocative sound of his own. Lionel Loueke brings jazz into vibrant contact with the sounds of West Africa, in particular his native Benin.

Admission/Cost: $30 - $35

Museum of Making Music
5790 Armada Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Friday, April 20 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

For more information, please call: (760) 438-5996 or visit:
7:00 PM Film Discussion: Don't Be Tired A Canadian couple, Roman and Maria, find themselves back in Iran, lost in the Shahdad desert of the Kerman province. Maria (Maryam) is Iranian born but raised in Canada. Through unforeseen circumstances, Roman, played beautifully by Jalal Fatemi, makes his wife reconnect with her homeland and sense of identity.

Admission/Cost: ???

Iranian American Center
6790 Top Gun St.#7
San Diego, CA 92121

Saturday, April 20 - 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

For more information, please call: (858) 552-9355 or visit:
7:30 PM Music: Michela Musolino & Fabio Turchetti Michela Musolino & Fabio Turchetti will present a concert of Sicilian folk and roots music, including both traditional and contemporary songs as well as some original compositions based on the songs they recently recorded on their CD: Terra Sangue Mare.

Both musicians with multi-instruments (voice, frame drum, guitar, organetto) will take us on a lively voyage of discovery of the musical traditions and culture of Sicily. Bring dancing shoes, just in case.

Admission/Cost: $18

Templar's Hall
14134 Midland Rd
Poway, CA 92064

Friday, April 20 - 7:30 PM

For more information, please call: (858) 613-0858 or visit:
7:30 PM Stage: Anna In The Tropics Passions and ill-fated love ignite when a charismatic new lector comes to the Ybor City cigar factory to read to the workers. Romances flare and marriages explode when he begins reading the novel Anna Karenina and the scandalous lives of Tolstoy's characters become dangerously intertwined with the lives of his listeners.

Winner of the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Nilo Cruz' Anna in the Tropics is a steamy, lyrical plunge into the whirlpools of imagination and love. CJ Keith Directs.

Admission/Cost: $15 - $20

Don Powell Theatre
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Dr.
San Diego, CA

Multiple dates from April 20 - April 29, 2018
Fridays and Saturdays - 7:30 PM
Sundays - 2:00 PM
7:30 PM Music: Papanasam A thematic vocal concert by:
Papanasam Ashok Ramani - Vocals
Nagai Sri Muralidharan - Violin
K.V.Gopalakrishnan - Mridangam

Admission/Cost: $25 - $30

Flex Space SD
9484 Black Mountain Rd suite A/B
San Diego, CA 92126

Friday, April 20 - 7:30 PM

For more information, please visit:
8:00 PM Music: Dayme Arocena Raised in Havana, Daymé Arocena has quickly become the voice for a new generation of talented Cuban millennials who are reimagining their African roots through a lens that filters jazz, soul and funk.

Acclaimed by Vice magazine as "the world's next jazz phenomenon," Arocena garners comparisons to musical giants such as Nina Simone and Celia Cruz. Her powerful singing and buoyant music defy expectations by drawing from the rhythms of Afro-Cuban traditions along with the nimble athleticism of jazz and the catchy hooks of pop melodies. The songstress is also an avid practitioner of Santería, an Afro-Caribbean religion based on Yoruba beliefs, and its chants and rhythms are as important to her music as jazz and Cuban neo-soul.

Admission/Cost: $9 - $35

The Loft
9500 Gilman Dr
San Diego, CA 92093

Friday, April 20 - 8:00 PM

For more information, please call: (858) 534-8497 or visit:
8:00 PM Music: Fred Benededtti & George Svoboda Fred Benedetti and George Svoboda have been playing together for over thirty years. They are known as engaging and entertaining performers whose tunes can stir up emotions in the deepest corners of the soul. Their music ranges from peaceful melancholy to cascades of furious flamenco rasgueados.

Admission/Cost: $15

1717 Morena Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92110

Friday, April 20 - 8:00 PM

For more information, please call: (858) 270-7467 or visit:
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