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Cultural Tidings Archive

  • My Life in Jordan: Children Share their Photos - in Pictures
  • New Zealand River Granted Same Legal Rights as Human Being
  • The Art of Surgery: Life Drawing and Leprosy
  • Gaza Comic Is Standing up for Her Dream of Making It Big in Comedy
  • Enda Kenny Urges Trump to Help Undocumented Irish Living in US
  • The Ayahuasca King: The Man Who Gives Jungle 'Medicine' to Lost Souls
  • First Trailer Launched for New Pixar Film Coco
  • Culture Wars in Poland: Teatr Polski Actors Revolt Against New Director
  • Drought Brings Savage Halt to Nomadic Way of Life in Somalia - in Pictures
  • Nelson Mandela's Presidential Memoir, Dare Not Linger, Due in Autumn
  • In a Working-Class Stronghold, a Push for Scotland 'to Stand on Its Own'
  • Fireworks Offer an Illicit Thrill Ahead of Iranian New Year
  • Number of Women Who Lead Nations Remains Stagnant
  • Women's Day, Afghan Style: Head Scarves and Flowers
  • This Student's Secret Abortion Shows Why Thousands Of Irish Women Will Strike Next Week
  • Clean Water Finally Flows to Transform Lives of Tea Pickers in Bangladesh
  • Bolivia Sees Coca as a Way to Perk up Its Economy - but All Everyone Else Sees Is Cocaine
  • H&M Supply Factory in Myanmar Damaged in Violent Labour Protest
  • 'First in Canada' Supermarket Donation Plan Aids Food Banks and Tackles Waste
  • Eddie 'The Eagle' Soars Again: Ski Jumper Returns 30 Years After Calgary Olympics
  • Peppa Pig: A Pink, Snouty Enemy of the Chinese State
  • The Pharaohs Rise Again: Ancient Egyptian Statues Unearthed - in Pictures
  • Humanoid: Portraits of Robots That Look like People
  • Burqa Bans, Headscarves and Veils: A Timeline of Legislation in the West
  • Goya Etchings Found in French Chateau Are 'Once in a Lifetime Discovery'
  • Descendants of Namibia Genocide Victims Seek Reparations in New York
  • Turkish Diaspora in Germany Divided on Powers for Erdoğan
  • Paichit - the Baby Elephant Saved from a Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia
  • Hundreds Celebrate Hindu Festival of Holi in Northern India - Video
  • Holi Festival: Delhi Women Forced into Lockdown amid Sexual Harassment Fears
  • Fukushima to Host Tokyo Olympics Events to Help Recovery from Nuclear Disaster
  • Beauty and the Beast: Disney Refuses to Cut Gay Scene for Malaysian Release
  • 'It's Heartbreaking': Maltese Mourn Collapse of Azure Window Arch
  • Australia's 'Shocking' Offshore Immigration Regime Inspires Play Staged in Iran
  • Why have four children when you could have seven? Family planning in Niger
  • Pakistan and Afghanistan Close to Defeating Polio - in Pictures
  • 'It's Dance or Die': The Ballet Dancer Forbidden to Perform by Islamic State
  • Eleanor Catton's New Novel Revealed as a Pre-Apocalyptic Drama Set in New Zealand
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