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World Music CD of the Month

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The Participant Observer World Music CD of the Month is 15 Anos by Choro das 3.
This Brazilian instrumental group consists of three talented sisters and their father. They play Brazilian choro music, but recently they have begun to play music from Argentina, France, Portugal and Italy. They compose many of their own numbers as well. All three sisters show brilliant virtuosity and are able to play blazingly fast with nuance.

The album's title is 15 Anos (15 Years). When you take into account how young these sisters are, it's obvious that they had a very precocious start in music. Each year Choro das 3 travels throughout the US in a borrowed van, and in recent years they have also added several European shows as well.

The eldest sister, Corina, plays several different flutes including a wooden concert flute, an alto flute and piccolo. Lia performs on a Brazilian seven string guitar. Elisa predominantly plays a Brazilian mandolin, but she also plays piano, tenor banjo, clarinet and the melodica. Their father, Eduardo, holds his own on the Brazilian tambourine known as pandiero. The group has a very modern sound but their music still pays tribute to the Choro masters of old.

Choro music has a very wide appeal. Lovers of classical music will love the counter-point and melodic complexity; jazz aficionados will enjoy the syncopation and inventiveness; followers of folk music will find themselves transported by the all-acoustic experience; and yes, even rockers will be blown away by the incredibly fast soloing and breathtaking dynamics. Choro das 3 are the leading stars of Choro music today. Buy their CDs and make sure you catch them in concert when they return to the states, the music in your soul will thank you!—Editor

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